Maciej Bąk, PhD

Scientific Software Engineering Expert

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I'm currently a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of Mathematics, City, University of London. Previous affiliations include Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Biozentrum, Universitat Basel, Switzerland.

I am interested in various computational approaches to study and combat cancer. Mostly passionate about the application of math/stat modelling and machine learning methods to solve biological problems. High-quality scientific software engineering is my speciality. In my (little) spare time I train martial arts, design and develop my very own horror game or read about mathematics and philosophy.

scientific articles

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software repositories


Snakemake workflow dedicated to deme-based oncology modeling.
Computational method to identify binding motifs for RBPs that shape pre-mRNA processing.
Tool for predicting binding sites of RNA-binding proteins in transcripts.
Snakemake pipeline for automated RNA-seq data processing.
Moran Pycess
Python package for simulations according to evolutionary game theory.


Abstract & fast C++ template library for lattice-based cryptosystems in high-dimensional algebras.
Collection of efficient statistical computing methods (interfacing from R/Python to Cpp).
Angry Runner
Docker recipe for a self-hosted GitHub Actions runner (CI/CD).
Angry Droid
Scientific computing platform setup for Android.
Angry Bubblef*ck
Bubble sort implemented in brainf*ck language.